Haverhill has a lesson program that allows Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Brownies an opportunity to
earn some of their merit badges:


The "Horse Lover's" Badge can be earned in one lesson.  Depending on the size of the group, it
should take approximately 1 1/2 hour to 2 hours.  The scouts are mounted on horses/ponies for a
1/2 hour and taught how to steer, stop and do a posting and sitting trot.  After the riding portion, the
scouts will take part in learning how to groom the horse/pony and observe the animal being saddled
and bridaled.  This portion also will take approximately 1/2 hour.  Large groups will be split into two
groups, one group will complete the riding portion while the other group takes part in the grooming
portion, then the groups will switch.
The cost to earn this badge is $
30.00 per rider.
(badges to be provided through the Girl Scouts)
The "Horse Rider's" Badge is more intense and requires 6 to 8 lessons to complete (the number of
lessons is dependent on the advancement of the scouts).  Scouts are scheduled a lesson once a week
and are taught how to steer, stop, walk, trot and canter the horse/pony.  They will also learn how to
groom, tack and bridle the horse/pony on their own.  Each lesson lasts an hour, scouts will ride for a
1/2 hour and the other 1/2 hour will be spent grooming, tacking and caring for the horse/pony.  This
badge requires dedication on a weekly basis to achieve the quickest results.
The cost is $
30.00 per rider/per lesson.
(Badges to be provided through the Girl Scouts)
Haverhill Farms will provide the horses, tack and riding helmets.
Badges to be provided through the Girl Scouts.
Riders are required to wear long pants, a hard-soled shoe with a heel or a boot with a heel
(NO TENNIS SHOES ALLOWED).  Please call 248-887-2027 or email us at
Haverfarms@yahoo.com for further details or to schedule your group.  Badges can be earned
Friday after 7:00 PM or Saturday/Sunday after 3:00 PM.  When setting up your group, please
allow enough time for release forms to be completed by the parents/legal guardians.
No rider shall be allowed to mount a horse/pony without a release form signed.


Haverhill has an excellent Observation Room where your special
Birthday Party can take place.  While the riders have a fun ride,
parents can relax in the observation room and enjoy the view.  
Have your cake, open presents, and leave the clean up the
Haverhill Farms.
Riders should come prepared to ride.  
Cost is $
30.00 per rider.
Call Haverhill Farms (248) 887-2027 to schedule your party today.